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Port City International University endeavors to provide its students adequate laboratory facilities in each semester, especially for the science and engineering students. Each of the undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology is intensively laboratory oriented. From the very beginning the Faculty is trying its level best to establish different laboratories and procure sophisticated equipment from home and abroad especially from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, etc.

Lab Facilities for Department Of Civil Engineering Students

Ever since its inception, the Civil Engineering department has realized the importance of in-house laboratories and has given priority to develop the necessary facilities. As a result, PCIU became one of the private university in Bangladesh to provide complete in-house laboratory facilities in all branches of Civil Engineering. Some of the experiments performed in these laboratories have been developed within the department itself. PCIU Department Of Civil Engineering have Engineering Materials Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Surveying Lab, Transportation Engineering Lab, Structural Mechanics Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Engineering Drawing Lab, Open Channel Flow Lab, Irrigation & Flood Control Lab.Civil engineering is considered as the oldest and the most classical form of engineering education, covering diverse elds. The main objective of the Department of Civil Engineering (CEN) at PCIU is to provide and equip students with the highest level of technical competencies, social responsibility, leadership and lifelong learning skills for successful careers in civil engineering.

Engineering Materials Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Environmental Engineering Lab
Surveying Lab
Engineering Drawing Lab
Transportation Engineering Lab
Open Channel Flow Lab
Structural Mechanics Lab
Irrigation & Flood Control Lab

Lab Facilities for Department Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Students

The science and engineering education programs at PCIU emphasize hands-on-experiences of students in labs.Labs play a central role in supporting faculty and student research. For these reasons, the university is committed to developing and maintaining well structured labs for students and faculty members. PCIU has developed one of the best lab facilities in the country for electrical and electronic engineering.Electrical engineering is the study of electric power distribution, motors and generators. It is also includes robotics, communications, circuits, electromagnetic fields and digital and analog hardware. Engineering design and applications are stressed in upper division courses. The major strengths of this program lie in its faculty, the basic philosophy on which the curriculum is built, and the outstanding laboratory facilities in the engineering building. The curriculum is based on providing a sound engineering background with small class sizes. Prospective students are urged to discuss their plans as early as possible with their high school or community college counselor. The EEE Department office is available for individual advising and encourages all students, both prospective and enrolled.

Energy Conversion Lab
Power System Lab
Electronics Lab
Robotics Lab
Electrical Circuit Lab
Communication Lab
Microwave Engineering Lab
Electrical Lab-1
Electrical Lab-2

Lab Facilities for Department Of Journalism & Media Studies Students

Port City International University Department Of Journalism & Media Studies offers students a liberal arts based program in media analysis and media production. It has well established lab i.e Media Lab, Broadcast Studio.Our students get to use industry-quality equipment, like: DSLR cameras, HD field monitors, Tiffen Steadicam, Digital audio mixer. Combining theory and practice, students learn how to analyze, deconstruct, and critique media texts and institutions and how to create, share, and collaborate using various forms of media. This program of study, located in multicultural and media-rich, provides students with dynamic opportunities to study and create media.

Media Lab
Broadcast Studio

Lab Facilities for Department Of Computer Science & Engineering Students

Port City International University has established a strong reputation for nurturing innovation and academic excellence across many disciplines. It has well establihed laboratories Digital Interfacing Lab, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Programming Lab-1, Programming Lab-2.Since its inception, PCIU has worked hard to build a strong national and international standing in leading edge fields like Engineering and Information Technology (IT) and is renowned as a foremost provider of professional, career-focused education and research. Each and every department Computer Science & Engineering of Port City International University endeavors to provide its students adequate laboratory facilities in each semester. Both undergraduate and graduate courses of this Faculty are intensively laboratory oriented. We believe that a student can not learn the subject-matter of a course without having any hands-on experience in the laboratory. Keeping this in mind, from the very beginning, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is trying its level best to establish different already have established four(4) laboratories.

Programming Lab-1
Programming Lab-2
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
Digital Interfacing Lab

Lab Facilities for Department Of Textile Engineering Students

PCIU Department Of Textile Engineering has Testing & Quality Control Lab, Fabric Manufacturing Engineering Lab, Wet Process Engineering Lab, Fabric Structure Lab, Yarn Manufacturing Engineering Lab, Apparel Garments Manufacturing Engineering Lab, Colour Chemistry Lab.It has responded to the continued trend in Textile and Clothing (T&C) Sector of Bangladesh through offering comprehensive studies in Textile Engineering. In addition to obtaining excellent knowledge in the arena of Textile Engineering, students enrich comprehensive knowledge on present Textile issues namely- environmental aspects in T&C fields and Quality Control Management. The Textile Industry has advanced rapidly in terms of the technology involved, materials produced and applications. Therefore, the syllabus for the program incorporated courses relevant to modern Textile Industry. The graduates with B.Sc. degree will be able to implement different processes of Clothing Manufacturing (Lean Production) and Textile Manufacturing (Fiber Manufacturing, Spinning, Fabric Manufacturing, Wet Processing), Production Planning & Control. Knowledge on T&C Management will help graduates perform better than Textile Graduates of other Universities. The carrier opportunities exist not only within T&C industry and sector, but also within related arena like sales and marketing of T&C machinery, marketing of dyes and chemical, accessories of Clothing. Local and foreign Buying Houses are absorbing comparatively higher numbers of Textile Engineering graduates.

Testing & Quality Control Lab
Yarn Manufacturing Engineering Lab
Fabric Manufacturing Engineering Lab
Apparel Garments Manufacturing Engineering Lab
Wet Process Engineering Lab
Colour Chemistry Lab
Fabric Structure Lab

Lab Facilities for Department of Natural Science Student

A university study in the natural sciences, devoid of a practical component such as laboratory work is virtually unthinkable. One could even go so far as saying that it is extremely rare for anyone to question the necessity of laboratory work in either high school or university science curricula. Laboratory work is simply part of the science game. This article discusses the problems concerning the use of the laboratory as didactic tool in the educational process, the premises underlying its use in science education and different approaches to its implementation as described in recent literature.

Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab

Industrial Visit

Port City International University aims at imparting quality education centering its teaching pedagogy around outcome based education. Our academic institutions under Faculty of Engineering & Technology have been conducting industrial visits to the renowned organizations regularly to introduce students to the practical application of fundamental theoretical concepts they have studied in the classrooms. Moreover, industrial visits help them get acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the professional world and gain hands on practical knowledge of the various relevant technologies existing in such industries. Hence, our students are able to strengthen their fundamental understanding of the theoretical subjects and relate their theoretical knowledge to the professional practices adopted by various industries. Regular visits to organizations ensure our students are easily able to adapt to the changing work scenarios of the professional world and they are able to perform well in the challenging situations. In addition to knowledge acquisition, students are provided with ample opportunities viz. industrial visits to maintain tie-ups with the industries of their choice for securing internships and placements in these industries.

Department of Civil visited to BSRM

As per the Academic philosophy, students of CE department correlated their academic sessions to Industrial applications by way of an industrial visit to BSRM, Baddi and by an expert session by Mr Mizanur Rahman. Standardised procedures for inventory management, sampling, quality checks, processing, operations, packing and quality assurance relevant for product uniformity from lot to lot, and the students need to comprehend the relevance of this while going through the industrial academic routine.

Department of Law visited to Chittagong Court

An Industrial visit to Chiitagong Court was organized for L.L.B 3rd year students of Law department at PCIU on 02/05/2017. The main purpose of this Industrial Visit was to make students aware about entire  process of the  Court and at the same time to learned management policies of the Court. Overall it was a very good learning experience and the students, acquisitioned practical knowledge about the Court & get experience.


Students, past and present, are what any university should be all about. Faculty and staff are vital as well, but students are unique in that they will forever fill a role—whether they are current students or long graduated. It would be easy to lose track of most graduates after they embark on their various careers, but doing so would be a huge mistake on any university’s part.

Why? They create the university’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful graduates are in the real world. This process is self-feeding as well. If a school becomes well known for producing graduates that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields, then its reputation will grow. New graduates will have better job prospects because they went to a well-known school, and the process will continue.