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Port City International University at Chittagong Bangladesh, Best University at Chittagong Bangladesh

Faculty & Department

Faculty of Business Studies

The Faculty of  Business Studies at PCIU has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration since its inception. The prime goal of the faculty is to provide students with an integrated and practical approach with a view to understanding current business practices. The Department of Business Administration under the faculty offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. It offers several majors in BBA and MBA programs. Research and teaching are the prime objectives of this faculty. The curriculum encourages students to sharpen their analytical and communication skills, placing a balanced emphasis on quantitative and qualitative approaches. Specialized and interdisciplinary courses focus on building leadership abilities, which will allow future managers to operate effectively in an increasingly growing global and technologically advanced marketplace.

Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is one of the pioneering departments at PCIU. A  wide variety of undergraduate  degree programs namely Bachelor of  Business Administration (BBA) and post-graduate degree program namely Master of Business Administration (MBA) are designed  by the department  to reflect the  requirements and desires  of the students and those of society and industry, whilst retaining academic rigor. A number of students are currently studying at BBA and MBA Programs. It offers a broad range of disciplines like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Accounting etc. Courses have been designed highlighting theoretical and practical orientation to discover the leading edge of knowledge. Well experienced   and energetic faculties from distinguished universities are conducting classes with passion and dedication. It facilitates the way for developing excellence in higher education keeping pace with the changing global world. Faculties have been engaging in extensive research activities with a view to adding insights into the frontier of knowledge. Besides, ceaseless efforts of all pave the way for connecting the brightest minds to find innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. The Department of Business Administration has been organizing several workshops, seminars, business quiz contests since its inception. Constructive and proactive institutional arrangements have been motivating the students to participate in distinguished extracurricular activities. Let’s have a journey with us and you will be grown up by the leading academics contributing to have an impact on your recognition in the world.



Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law

Faculty of Humanities,Social Sciences & Law give you opportunity to learn to communicate, to solve problems and to think critically and analytically. Humanities graduates are highly skilled and able to work in almost any ​field. The private sector is constantly on the look-out for successful graduates to take up positions in middle management because it values the proficiency in problem-solving and communications that a student develops while studying for a BA. The ability to think critically and imaginatively and to convey ideas clearly is valued in any profession. The Faculty of Humanities strives to: ​train high-level Humanities students by ensuring that the teaching programmes are internationally competitive and locally relevant, produce outstanding teaching and research outputs in the Humanities by employing the best possible academics and supporting staff and developing and utilising them to their full potential; ​apply management principles, guidelines, processes and practices to maintain and improve excellent academic achievements in the field of teaching and research; ensure by our achievements and services that values are strived at to the benefit of the individual, the University and the community we serve;​ significantly enrich students with the unique added values offered by studies in the Humanities.

Department of English

Department of English primarily formulates a platform for professional and cognitive learning. Dedicated to the intellectual curiosity, analytical dexterity and creative thinking of its students, English Department at PCIU fosters advanced reading, technical writing, media& presentation skills. Organizing contributory seminars, discussion programs, cultural festivals as well as inviting distinct personalities, veteran academicians, are constant efforts of the department that help the students to explore potentials and to raise their voices. English courses provide students of all academic interests with a strong foundation in critical and expressive skills. Adjunct faculty members, contributing to the betterment of learners, are acclaimed scholars and researchers. With innovative academic programs, the department strives to reach University’s diverse range of students by offering both Language courses and Creative courses, to express themselves in an innovative, interesting and lucid style. Hardworking and devoted core faculty members in the department equally play a considerable role to ensure students’ educational, cultural & personal growth that will promote a knowledge-based society.

B.A (Hons) in English
M.A. in English

Department of Law

Port City International University imparts legal education ensuring practice and profession oriented knowledge, skills and opportunities. Our process of education with contemporary courses and compendious curriculum are designed to focus on inculcating legal knowledge and cultivating professional skill set as are globally recognized in the profession. We have established students’ skill development bodies with specialized and experienced faculty members and professionals like Personality development cell; Debate Society, Moot Court Society, Trial Advocacy Center, Judicial Services Preparation Center, etc. are our initiatives to cultivate employability in each and every student through discipline, knowledge, skill, endurance.

One of the objects of the education is to produce skilled human resources who are ethically trained (legal) professional. Port city international university has established itself towards growth, development and formation of a generation of legal professionals to inculcate intellectual genius, moral consciousness and social responsibility to ensure rule of Law locally and globally. We are up bringing future judges, legislators, public servant and legal professionals who will advance with competence and sustenance the legal system of our nation.



L.L.B (Hons)

Department of Journalism and Media Studies

Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Port City International University (PCIU). The department has started its journey at the inception of the University in 2013. Communication is the heart of human interaction. Media, both print and electronic as well as web, is a pre-requisite to human life and social order. Journalism and Media is a forceful medium in setting democracy in a country. Hence, the importance of Journalism and Media Studies in the social dynamics of Bangladesh gets a notable support by different stages of civil society. Department of Journalism and Media Studies of PCIU has been at the forefront of effort to explore the latent potency of our students to make understand them the social, cultural, rhetorical and organizational ways of communication. The department is devoted to fulfill the mission of excellence through providing knowledge and to make students skilled enough to take challenges in the competitive world. For this purpose, the department organizes workshops, seminars, media visit, and discussion programs regularly since 2013 to help the students to find and use their voices. Students are sent to complete their field work. Our Faculties graduated from the renowned universities of the country, are active scholars and researchers, and are consistently recognized as some of the best faculties at PCIU. All equipments are available to the department to help deepen students’ insights into their own experience, sharpen their ability, stimulate their imagination, and develop their ability to express their ideas orally and in writing. With innovative new academic programs, we equip our undergraduate and graduate students to venture out into every corner of the world.


B.S.S in Broadcast & Print Journalism
M.S.S in Broadcast & Print Journalism

Faculty of Science and Engineering

PCIU has a distinguished tradition in science and engineering, and was one of the best universities to establish engineering, computer science & engineering, electric & electronics engineering, civil engineering and textile engineering, fashion design and technology,natural science departments. The Faculty today provides research and teaching excellence across engineering, science and mathematics in five academic Schools ( Electric & Electronic Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering and Textile engineering; See the undergraduate and postgraduate sections for programme details.)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

 Computer Science is a young and incentive discipline. As undergraduate students move through they are exposed to a wide range of subject matter within the discipline. Our degree courses give students a deeper understanding of the many diverse and interesting areas of computer science, preparing them for an industry or research oriented career path.

The degree courses offered by the department aim to

  • Provide fundamental software skills and professional IT values;
  • Equip the graduate to develop software-based solutions to problems in a variety of contexts;
  • Have curricula that conform to the highest international standards;
  • Give a grounding in all the core areas of computer science;
  • Emphasis the most state-of-the-art ways of engineering software to be used in the IT industry.

Discipline has included courses in the algorithmic foundations of computer science, introductory and advanced programming, net-centric computing, current systems, and operating systems, theoretical aspects of computer science, software engineering, distributed systems, artificial intelligence and computer and information security. Our Discipline has a strong practical laboratory component and students are expected to deliver a high standard of practical work.

We take pride in the many focused areas of research in which faculty and students are engaged, including Computational Intelligence, Information and Computer Security, Software Engineering and Software Architecture, Formal Methods and Computer Science.




BSc in CSE
M.Sc. in CSE

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) was established at Port City International University in 2012 when it started its activities and offers 4 Years graduation program leading to the degree of B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a field of engineering that generally comprises of a number of subfields including electrical power engineering, electromagnetism, electronics, digital systems, telecommunications, electrical machinery and drive systems, control systems, RF engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics which are covered with the excellence of the faculty members of this department. The department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Teachers and students of the department work in solving problems in the fields of conventional and renewable energy generation, transmission and utilization, power system planning, reliability, operation, control and protection, machine and drives design, microwave circuitry, micro-strip antenna design,  remote sensing, design and synthesis of VLSI circuits, semiconductor device design and characterization, digital signals and image processing and bio-medical signal conditioning and identification of processed signals etc. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that helps to develop the ability of students’ to cope with our rapidly changing society as well as their morality to contribute their learning to humankind. 



BSc in EEE

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering being the second-oldest engineering discipline, is concerned with the planning, design, construction and management of the physical and naturally built environment. In fact our department in Port City International University deals with the continuation and technical applications of one of the most ancient human skills; that of building and shaping the world around us. Our vision here is to groom our students to their fullest potential and hence to become a school of excellence that brings out civil engineers with high technical competencies who can make differences in this era of achieving sustainability in every sphere of life.

Our people are our core strength. Currently the department has 17 full-time faculty members (4 on study leave) along with 7 adjunct faculty members from CUET. With a view to providing best possible laboratory experiences, the department has established five (5) well-equipped laboratories covering five major sub-divisions of Civil Engineering viz. Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water Resources Engineering with an additional plan of offering material testing and consultancy services in not so distant future.

Apart from the academic programs, we organize comprehensive training on computer aided design, project management etc. and actively participate in activities of national and international engineering professional bodies. Besides the department regularly arranges field visits, study tours, seminars, and programs on extracurricular activities and has already signed a MOU with CUET for effective collaboration.


BSc in CEN
MSc in CEN

Department of Textile Engineering


Bangladesh is a developing country and textile is the largest industrial sector of Bangladesh. We earned about 85% of our foreign currency from this sector. Over the last couple of decades the face of textiles has changed dramatically all over the world. The department provides an outstanding opportunity to students to get quality education in Textile Engineering.

It started its academic activities from January 2013. This department will help to produce qualified engineers with appropriate knowledge and skills for development of textile sector through expansion of facilities for modern textile education and research in the country. This department will help a lot to generate sufficient number of textile engineers in the country with a view to meet the ever increasing demand due to globalization and technological development, to provide up to date technological knowledge to various organization within and outside the country, to create opportunity for higher education and research in the field of textile, to develop professional manpower in the field of spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing and garments. The relationship of the department with the local industries is strengthened through various programs such as seminars, workshop, conferences and different events.


BSc in TEX
MSc in TEX

Department of Fashion Design and Technology

Department of Fashion Design gives wide range of career opportunities for the students, having your own establishment, working for top labels, fashion designers, garment export houses, textile mills, apparel merchandisers, also huge work scope in visual merchandising, public relations and marketing, styling and even being a lecturer for Fashion Institutes. One of PCIU’s major strengths is the brand itself, where we have top fashion brands, textile industry, fashion designers hiring from our pool of talent.


BSc in fashion design & technology

Department of Natural Science

Department of Natural Science (NSC) serves the knowledge of natural philosophy that dominating the development of the physical universe. NS is the framework within which Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, and History are taught and offers courses on need basis of Arts, Business, and Science & Engineering Faculties. Currently department offers courses like Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, and History of Bangladesh & Bangladesh Studies. The breadth of the course reflects the blurring of boundaries between the different sciences and encourages students to do great things with new ideas in the next couple of academic years. Fifteen faculty members with two adjunct faculties are working with excellent academic and research background under this department. ‘Enlighten the Nation with the Knowledge of Science’ being the motto of this department, faculties always work in a team with the highest professionalism making it easier to achieve the goal set each year. NS with dynamic leadership often organizes student-oriented creative programs, seminars, & various contests encouraging the students to overcome the fear of science over the year.



Course of mathematics
Course of statistics
Course of Physics
Course of Chemistry
Course of History