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Office of the Library


Assistant Librarian (In-charge)

Port City International University.

Port City International University located at Chittagong is a new generation private university committed to excellence in higher education and research. The vision of this university is to make it a global standard center of excellence through education, research and service. The society the way it is changing will have a profound impact on the university education. Transformative education to change the society as it demands is our mission. In a world where change is the “norm”, there is one thing for certain-knowledge however, will be a key resource and will be highly sought within our region and around the globe. Knowledge has no boundary and the university is meant to create knowledge and develop skilled human resources those who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and betterment of the society.


Md.Golam Mostofa

Library Officer

Port City International University.

Md. Mehadi Ahmad Khan


Port City International University.

Shakil Paik

Jr. Executive

Port City International University.

Farhad Hossain

Book Sorter

Port City International University.